Purolator Oil Filters

Purolator Oil Filters 

Having a car isn't about washing it or working on it. It's about driving it. Which is why, for over 80 years, every filter engineered under the Purolator name has been designed with one goal in mind - delivering pure oil to your vehicle's engine. So continue to replace your oil filters with Purolator products and we'll continue to help keep your car protected and on the road for years to come.


Looking for a quality filter but watching your wallet?

A Purolator Classic oil filter provides maximum protection against harmful contaminants getting into your engine, and costs a little less than a Purolator PureONE oil filter. For low-mileage or highway driving, a Purolator Classic oil filter is the oil filter of choice.


Purolator Oil Efficiency


Purolator Classic Oil Filters are 97.5% Efficient*

With an efficiency rating of 97.5%, just slightly lower than a Purolator PureONE oil filter, you can be assured that a Purolator Classic oil filter provides premium protection for every day driving.



Get your Purolator Classic oil filter today and help keep your vehicle running smooth. Look for Purolator Classic oil filters in a new blue package at your favorite local retailer coming soon. You'll find the same quality product ... with a new look!



Purolator Oil Filter Cutaway

 In addition, the new Purolator Classic oil filter offers:

  • Multi-fiber, high-density media which filters out harmful contaminants
  • Internally lubricated Nitrile gasket that requires less torque for filter removal
  • Anti-drainback valve** minimizes engine dry start


Which Purolator oil filter best fits your driving style - Purolator Classic or Purolator PureONE? Check out the chart below:

Purolator/PureONE Oil Filter Chart


*Based on ISO 4548-12 at 20 microns on PL30001 **As applicable

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