Synthetic Oil Filters

Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters 

Synthetic Oil FilterPurolator is excited to bring you the next level of filtration from the inventors of the oil filter — Purolator Synthetic. Purolator Synthetic oil filters were designed specifically for synthetic oil users. This high premium filter provides you with the longest lasting engine protection within the Purolator line.


What's different about Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters?
Let's start with the media. The media in Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters is wire-backed. That means there's a wire-mesh that provides extra support to the media so that it remains intact and durable. It's also 100% synthetic so it's designed to work best with synthetic oils. The media in Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters is also 99%* efficient which means it removes 99% of all the dirt and junk that gets into your oil. 99%! AND, it's designed to trap and hold up to 27 grams* of that dirt and junk that could get into your engine and cause major repairs. So what does all this mean? Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters are a long-lasting filter, providing engine protection for 10,000 miles.


Synthetic, wire-backed media + 99% efficiency + 27 grams capacity = 10,000 mile protection


No Slip Grip
Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters feature a no slip grip control texture that covers the entire can, making the filter installation and removal easier!


There's more!
Here's a peek inside the Purolator Synthetic Oil Filter and all it has to offer:


Synthetic Cutaway


*Based on ISO 4548-12 at 25 microns on PSL30001

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